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RJM Technology is an Information Technology Consulting organization that provides customized services for both Businesses and Individuals primarily in the Santa Clarita Valley / Los Angeles County areas of Southern California.  We tailor our services to the specific needs of our customers applying over 24 years of Information Technology experience to solve your technology and computing challenges.  For businesses outside of the Southern California area - we are also able to help solve your technology needs and challenges.

We offer specialized services for our Home customers ⵩lding, configuring, and securing wireless networks to leverage your broadband internet connection across multiple systems including audio / video services in addition to providing security check-up, configuration and repairs to systems slowed and damaged by viruses, worms, Trojans, and uncontrollable pop-up advertisements / hijacked web pages.  We can provide training for you to fully appreciate your home systems, and we can build and upgrade computer systems for you.

We bring over 17 years of experience in major International Fortune 500 companies leading all aspects of Information Technology 㰥cializing in eCommerce / Internet, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Operations, and Information Security.  RJM Technology offers short and long term consulting engagements for businesses to help you manage and solve your technology challenges and needs in multiple geographic locations. 

We focus on ensuring that the needs and the goals of the business are fully met by technology initiatives, and have a proven track record of delivering innovation, synergy, and improved returns on your Information Technology investments.  We provide services for all size business ಡnging from the Start-up to Fortune 500 companies. 

RJM Technology has led the development of new business opportunities 鮴ernet startups, new strategies, and new revenue sources via innovative projects and partnerships.  We are experienced in interim leadership and management engagements as well as delivering confidential training to non-technical executives to use their systems and devices more effectively on a personal level. 

In addition, RJM Technology provides speaking and motivational services for organizations looking to inform, evangelize, and motivate employees to adapt / adopt new technology initiatives.  We have served on Industry Technology panels, Advisory Boards, and delivered presentations on topics such as --  �acing eCommerce and the Internet for Your Businessӄisintermediation Risks঱uot;Disaster Recovery / Business Continuation Planning for Small Businesses", and 㯭merce Best Practices䯠groups as large as 1350 people.

WHAT WE DO......

Provide maximum value in our technology services to all customers - Business and Residential.  We endeavor to give you a base of knowledge so you'll feel less intimidated, and permit you to leverage technology to meet your needs and goals with customized solutions and simple communication.


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