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RJM Technology Services For Business Customers


As a Business owner, your expertise is in your field of expertise and probably not in computers or technology.  Your focus is on the needs and demands of your business - and the challenges that you face across all aspects of the business. 

Among the challenges you, the business owner / leader face are:

  • Improving your Business - Achieving and Supporting Growth

  • Managing your Assets

  • Managing your Risk

  • Managing your People

  • Managing your Customers

  • Managing your Vendors / Suppliers

  • Reducing your Operating Costs

  • Responding to Change

  • Outsourcing

  • Security - Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

These challenges may vary in terms of their priorities, and change depending on the size and scale of your Business.  However, these are all general constants that Business Leaders need to address in order to keep their Companies in Business.


One of the greatest challenges that companies have is how to manage and maintain growth.  Don't let technology stand in the way!  if properly planned, technology can and should be a growth enabler - like the essential vitamins and minerals your business needs to grow tall and strong.


BLINK.  Your current technology is now outdated.  BLINK.  Outdated again.

We know how hard it is to keep up with ever-changing technology.  And we understand how easy it is to be lured into choosing what's 'hot' as opposed to what delivers the best 'bang for your buck'.  RJM Technology can help you decide when it's right to upgrade and determine which bell and which whistle will make the most sense to your bottom line.


Issues with technology can take all of the fun out of doing business.  When your computer is down, your cogs and wheels grind to a halt.  And if you can't give clients a reasonable answer to the question, "when will you'll be back in business?" you risk losing their hard-won loyalty.  Down time can't always be avoided; but RJM Technology can help minimize it.  With strategic plans tailored to address your specific needs, guidance to help you understand your hardware and software, and superior service, we aim to get you to whistle while you work.


But maybe you're not an expert when it comes to technology.  That's OK - we're experts in our field, too.

We're RJM Technology, an Information Technology Consulting organization with many years of experience both in the IT sector and at the corporate executive level.  We understand the challenges you face and we're here to help!  Rely on RJM Technology to provide fast, simple, and easy solutions to all of your computing woes.

There's nothing more frustrating than a computer that's just not doing its job.  But the smaller the business the more you technology to keep pace with the Big Boys.  RJM Technology offers customized services for Businesses and Individuals.  We tailor our services to the specific needs of our customers to ensure that your technology investments and efforts are supporting your business goals.

RJM Technology has the experience across small, medium, and the largest companies, successfully delivering and implementing initiatives that not only addressed these challenges, but have positioned these companies to leverage Technology as a Business / Industry differentiator.  We can partner with you to ensure that your technology investments and efforts are supporting your business goals.

Industry Experience

  • Financial Services - Insurance / Retail Brokerage / Banking

  • Real Estate - Residential and Commercial

  • Publishing

  • Commercial Software Development

  • Manufacturing and Distribution

  • Hospitality / Travel

  • Franchising and Franchise Management / Support

  • Retail

  • IT and Management Consulting


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