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RJM Technology Services for Home Customers

Computers have changed our lives. 

We use computers for education, for communication / keeping in touch, for running home businesses, for hobbies, for gaming, for entertainment, for managing and editing photos, home movies......the list just keeps growing.  Computers have grown far beyond the imaginations of not only those who invented the first personal computers - but even the technology 'visionaries' of the past have failed to predict the huge numbers of personal computers that have been sold for use in the home.

But with any technology, using it, maintaining it, and leveraging it can be a challenge.

With your busy lives, not everyone has the time or inclination to become a computer expert.  Installing, managing, and running the applications you are interested in, trying to avoid the tricks and traps of the internet, or spyware, or malware, editing / storing your photos and music, and then backing up your data so that when that inevitable computer crash comes - you don't lose everything.  Don't worry - WE'RE YOUR EXPERT!




Trojan Horses

Or worse yet.......Identity Theft?!

Does the fear of something (or someone) sneaking across the ether and crawling onto your hard drive to wreak havoc with your computer (or your bank accounts and good credit) keep you up at night?  We know the power of a good night's sleep.  Tell us your worries, we'll help you manage your fear.  We offer a full slate of Security Services designed to offer peace of mind.  We sell, install, configure, and train you in the use of the best PC security applications available.  We'll check your system for security risks, patch the holes and provide the tools you need to protect against future data loss in the event of a problem.


Even if you don't have an immediate problem with your computer, we offer training to help you learn how to:

  • Update your operating system and software
  • Run security and protective software -
  • Create your own music or photo CD's
  • Create your own movies on DVD
  • Troubleshoot and solve basic problems with your system and the internet
  • Set parental controls


Digital camera.  Digital music player.  Digital Video Recorder.  Digital Computer.  PC, Laptop, Printer, Scanner, Camcorder.  Social Media.  Tie them together in an integrated network and see what fun you'll have.  A visit from us can have you sharing digital photos, video, and your favorite MP3 tunes with your TV or Home Theater for all to enjoy.  (Yes, we can even help you bring back the dreaded vacation photo slide show - in a new high tech format!)  We can hook you up with wires or without.  We've been one of the pioneers in wireless networking - working on this technology since the dark ages (1997). The stories we can tell............


Maybe it'll be the BIG ONE!?  Flooding from that winter storm?  That out of control forest fire? The dropped beverage? or maybe just a freak electrical surge.  Sadly some day something bad might befall your computer.  Will you be prepared?  Will you have had the foresight to back up the last 3 years of digital photos?  We're believers in the old adage 'Better safe than sorry".  Let RJM Technology help you prepare for any potential future catastrophe with our Backup Package and Disaster Recovery Plan.  (Yes, your home systems need these too.)

RJM Technology has a Consulting Practice that is designed for Home computer users who need help with their computers - and want the service done in their home.  No one wants to have to disconnect their desktop computer, load it into their car, and drive it to the shop for repairs.

RJM Technology offers the following services for our Home Customers:

  • Customized One on One Training
  • Upgrading your existing Computer
  • Purchasing, Installing and Configuring Your New Computer
  • Protection / Privacy
  • Parental Controls - Helping your children stay safe online
  • Home Networking - Wired or Wireless
  • Networking your PC's, TV's, and Entertainment Systems - DAZZLE YOUR FRIENDS

We will go to your home to fix your computer, upgrade your computer, and to teach you how to effectively use and maintain your computer.  We bring professionalism, experience, a focus on quality, and a willingness to help you take control of the computer as opposed to being controlled and limited by it.

To us, computers are fun.  (REALLY!)

We want you to feel the same about computers.

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