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Information Security and Architecture Consulting Services

It is critical to plan and implement your network and technology initiatives with not only growth in mind, but also security.  Your data, and that of your customers, is an extremely valuable asset, and failing to secure and protect that asset can cost you your business.

We bring over 10 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry developing and securing networks and applications that have supported billions in assets.  We scale these solutions to fit your needs - and work to help protect your business in the event of a disaster.

Information Security

We have developed and built a new Information Security department for a major financial services company focusing on distributed and internet based systems - supporting over 65K Corporate users, 10M Customers, and 150+ Servers in Multiple Data Centers located across the United States.  Among the services delivered and supported - Single Sign On across multiple systems, Intrusion Detection, Secured Access to Data / Applications, Forensic Reviews and Audits, Virus / Malware investigations, and Data Center Operations to support seamless failover to alternative Data Centers - ensuring your applications are safely available 7x24x365.


We are experienced in both Network and Application Architecture - designing and implementing Global Area Networks, Local / Wide Area Networks, and Wireless Networks.  Public or Private.  We bring over 12 years of application architecture experience in distributed applications - Synchronous and Asynchronous Client Server, Internet / eCommerce Applications (Industry specific), Commercial Software that is Industry Specific, and Enterprise Application Integration / Middleware - integrating into legacy systems.

Data Center Operations

We are experienced in leading and delivering substantial operational improvements to organizations through effective and best practice based data center operations.  Increased reliability, additional up time, and formal change management controls are some of the best practices that we've brought to our clients / employers.  If it is not tracked or measured - you can't really know what is going on.  We track it, we measure, and we focus on the areas of weaknesses to make your operations as seamless as your customers and employees expect it to be. 

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

Over 15 years of experience in developing, implementing, and testing enterprise / company wide disaster recovery and business continuity plans to protect your business, your information, and your customers in the event of a disaster than impacts your business.  These services are developed with your partners, or by bringing partners in to assist in the protection of your business.  We've successfully managed disaster declarations for multiple organizations without loss to the company or to the customers impacted.  To us, this isn't just theory - we've been there and done that.

Call RJM Technology at 661.753.6182 for additional information or to schedule a free initial consultation for your business.


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