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Home Networking Services

Home networks permit the you to connect multiple computers to share a broadband internet connection, share files between connected computers, and integrate your computers with select other components - like TiVo.

One of the negatives about home networks is that in the case of wired networks, which deliver the best performance, all of the connected devices need to be in the same room, or you need to be prepared to have wires run from room to room.

Wireless networks offer all of the advantages of a wired network except at a slower connectivity speed.  You are not tied to a wire, and with a laptop, can access the internet / share files anywhere in range with your access point.  The main disadvantages of wireless networks are:

  • Security - Unless protected, your network, your computers, and your files are visible to anyone who gets on our network. Securing the network, even with the hardware today, can be many options to select.......which are the best?
  • Cost - Wireless networking hardware is generally more expensive than the hardware for wired networks.
  • Connectivity to Home Theater components can be limited and expensive.
  • Properly setting up your Wireless Network can be challenging for many people.

RJM Technology brings over 8 years experience in detailed work installing, configuring, and managing wireless networks.  We have been working on the technical aspects of wireless networking since 1997-98 - developing wireless solutions for the Real Estate Industry, Real Estate Franchisees, Brokers, and Agents.  In 1999-2000, Ron Mechsner was the Senior IT Executive responsible for the development and deployment of the first major Wireless based Internet Service Provider with the creation of RexSpeed in New York City.  This internet startup served the tenants and owners of a number of New York City's largest apartments, condos, and co-ops - providing high speed internet access and customized streamed media content  - without the need to physically modify their homes and run wires.

Other local providers also advertise that they can install and configure wireless networks - but they charge $159 to $229 per installation PLUS the hardware needed to support the wireless network.  We provide the hardware you need within our packages - AT A LOWER COST TO YOU!

Please visit our page on Home Package Offerings for more information


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