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Information Technology Management Consulting Services


RJM Technology provides complete Information Technology Management Consulting services including strategic planning, implementation, and support - scaled to meet your specific needs to help you make the correct decisions regarding Technology and your Business.

While many of the key and critical issues are similar across industries and size of businesses, tailoring a strategic plan to address YOUR specific needs requires special skills and a company that has experience with companies ranging from Internet Start-ups / Small Retail Businesses to the largest of the FORTUNE 500.  Furthermore, this experience also needs to be versed in the basic requirements of your specific challenges:

  • Managing Growth
  • Managing Risk
  • Managing Costs
  • Managing Vendors
  • Information Management and Controls
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Managing Change

Managing Growth   

One of the greatest challenges that companies have is how to manage and maintain growth.  IT should not be a hindrance to growth - in fact - properly planned, IT can and should be a growth enabler.   Working across companies ranging from Internet Start-ups moving and growing on "Internet Time" to Fortune 500 corporations looking to move quickly into new markets - RJM Technology has a proven history in ensuring that each step forward your company takes is a step that is supported by your Technology team.

Managing Risk

Risk relates to FEAR.  Fear of change, fear of investing in a new direction or a new technology, fear of a new business dynamic, fear of a security issue / loss of critical business information - all of these work to keep you and your staff up at night.  Of the major steps that an organization can take to mitigate risk - one of the most important is related to knowledge.  All business decisions involve some degree of risk - but knowledge is needed to determine the level of risk and manage the risk to the point that it is acceptable within your risk tolerance. One of our roles is to be that source of knowledge - identifying, assessing, and ultimately mitigating your risk. 

We can provide you with an independent 3rd party analysis of your current IT team and IT Road Map - to help you manage your risk of not meeting your needs.

Managing Costs

Regardless the size of an organization, there are cost limitations and controls.  Ideas can be plentiful, but without an understanding of the costs - initial and longer term - some ideas can financially cripple an organization.  Not all Technology professionals are also business professionals and experienced in the analyzing the financial capabilities of a company, technology, and project.  Going hand in hand with this are the all too frequent 'horror' stories of runaway technology initiatives resulting from picking a technology that is 'cool' as opposed to looking for what delivers the best 'bang for your investment'.

Managing Vendors

A common step today to manage costs is to outsource operations, tasks, and responsibilities to other organizations.  But for this step to really help you, the Business Owner, manage costs and save money, you need to get equal or greater value from the vendor than you did when the task was internal.  To ensure value, the terms of the contract, the Service Level Agreement, is critical.  RJM Technology brings substantial experience in negotiating these Service Level Agreements and Vendor Contracts.  In addition, we also bring experience to your company that will help you manage these service level agreements on an ongoing basis to ensure that your value does not decrease over time.

Information Management and Controls

As your Company grows, your decision making success is dependent on obtaining the right information, in the right format, at the right time.  Having multiple people or departments in your organization using different tools and approaches to provide you with information could leave you faced with making critical decisions based on "apples and oranges" instead of "apples and apples" comparisons / information sources.  Furthermore, the faster your company grows, the harder / more critical it is to ensure that your information management can grow with you.  RJM Technology can do this for you.

Regulatory Issues

Oversight and management of companies has increased in overhead substantially in just the last 5 years.  Even companies not in generally accepted 'regulated' industries now find themselves subject to new regulations and requirements for reporting information.  With our experience in Insurance and Brokerage operations, RJM Technology ensures that your information management and technology initiatives are positioned to simplify the 'pain' of fulfilling your regulatory requirements.

Managing Change

Change is something that all organizations need to manage.  Effective use of technology can simplify managing change in your company - or make any and all changes so painful that you will ultimately do everything you can to avoid change.  Not only can RJM Technology bring its skills and experience to help you plan for change so that the pain is minimized, RJM Technology can also become that independent review to reassure you or correct your approach. 




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