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RJM Technology Training Services for Home Customers


Many feel intimidated by computers.  They see others able to use them and get frustrated when they just can not seem to get a handle on computers.  Old or young - every once in a while - you just need to know more about your computer and how to use it effectively.

RJM Technology is committed to helping you learn how to really USE your computer.  When we visit your home to work on your computer, we are thrilled when our customers watch what we do, ask about what we are doing, and want to learn about how to use their computers, protect their computers, and how to do certain tasks.

Even if you don't have an immediate problem with your computer - we offer training to help you learn how to:

  • Run security and protective software
  • Update your operating system, security software, and productivity software
  • Create your own Music / Photo CD's
  • Create your own Music / Photo / Movies on DVD's
  • Learn how to troubleshoot basic problems with your system and the internet
  • How to avoid Phishing / Pharming Scams
  • How to set Parental Controls
  • How to safely use / leverage Social Media


We can also provide customized training for how to use common, basic applications.  Call us at 661.753.6182 or send an email to SALES*at* for more information on the applications we can help you use better.


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