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PC Security Services for the Home

The scenario is all too common.

You are on your computer, surfing the web, having fun - when all of a sudden your computer begins to grind to a halt.  Pages take forever to load, errors suddenly occur, and your screen becomes filled with dozens, no hundreds, maybe even thousands of advertisements.  The computer becomes unusable.

Or, you are reading your email, clicking on messages, opening attachments, when one of them starts a program - that shuts your computer down or kills your internet connectivity.  Then your friends to begin to call about the mail messages you sent them that did the same to their computer - but you never sent any mail messages.

Or, one day, while checking your bank balance, you find that thousands of dollars are missing from your account, withdrawn by person / persons unknown.


 Unfortunately, Security for our computers is something that we all need to pay attention to.  There are thousands of viruses, malware items, and scams that we can fall victim to - and the only way to protect ourselves is to take your PC Security seriously.


RJM Technology offers a number of services where we go to your home and work to clean your system from the malware that infects it.  We sell, install, configure, and train you in the use of the best PC Security applications.  We check your system for any missing service / security patches and install them for you.  We offer packages that offer simple and reliable computer back-ups so that you are protected against data loss in the event of a major problem.

With all of our Home Services - RJM Technology will travel to your home and work on your computer there. 

Convenience, Value, Professionalism

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